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SQL Server Management Studio is one of most popular SQL Server management tools. It is used by many professionals to query, design, administer SQL Server databases. It has many features that are useful for developers and database administrators. It is a standalone application that can be downloaded and installed on any computer and does not require a connection to a remote SQL Server in order to function. It is a comprehensive tool for managing data. Microsoft SSMS app is a GUI tool that allows users to create and manage databases and objects, and to access Azure Database.


Interface of SSMS SQL server is what makes it so popular. It is clean and simple, which makes it easy to use for levels of users. Interface is what application is named for, so it is important that it is useful and easy to navigate. Interface is so easy to use that it's possible to perform DB administration tasks without any training. User must first select database to be used on left. Database is then opened in Object Explorer, along with all of objects in that database. User may then use Data Editor or Query Editor to perform operations on objects. Interface is divided into three main components:

  • Server Object Explorer: A tree-like interface that displays SQL Server objects and their properties.
  • Server Explorer: Shows database objects and file system objects that exist on the server on which SSMS is running.
  • Navigation Pane: A pane that provides access to SSMS features and SQL Server objects.


Software install SSMS is easy to use for all levels of users. It is possible to perform any DB administration task without any training. It is simple and clean which makes it easy to navigate. Tutorials and manuals are available and easy to find, there is a complete Help link to SQL Server documentation. It provides a graphical user interface for managing databases, includes a copy of engine, so it can be used for ad-hoc queries, analysis. It is a free download from Microsoft.


Product SQL SSMS is a robust tool for managing databases. It can do anything from managing databases to querying data. It is a powerful soft for anyone looking to administer databases. Software offers complete easy-to-use graphical tools for managing the database, its objects, security, data sources, server properties. Software can be used to manage a variety of SQL Server Features, such as: Databases, Security, Agent, Jobs, Table Design, Query Editor, Data Tools, Import/Export. It has tools to visualize data, such as graphical representation, text representation, Microsoft Office representation.


Application SSMS Mac provides a wealth of support. It has a tutorial section that is very helpful for learning to use the application. It has a section for reporting bugs and suggestions for new features. It is a graphical user interface that presents a visual representation of database. It is designed so that people with no SQL knowledge can do all tasks easily.


  • Why does my SSMS free application not have a pin to start?
    SQL Server Management Studio application does not have a pin to start by default. Application can be pinned to start by dragging it to the start button.
  • How can I open SSMS installation?
    To open soft, enter soft in search box on Windows Taskbar.
  • Why is app for macOS free?
    Our goal is to make SQL Server and Microsoft technologies more accessible and easier to use. App for macOS is free and we don't plan on ever charging for it.


Software product download SSMS Windows 10 is a robust application for managing data. It is a powerful tool for anyone look to administer data. It is easy to use and has a wealth of support.

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